Signing Off

From 2007 to 2022 School Supply Santa enjoyed serving what led to 45 schools in the area.   A successful ministry of supporting students, families, teachers and administrators with school supplies, mental health tools, and support and encouragement throughout the year.   While Santa has retired and School Supply Santa is no longer in existence, it does not mean the needs went away as well.   Please find below a list of schools districts grades K-12, that you can support at the beginning of next school year 2023/24:

• Godfrey Lee Public Schools
• Godwin Heights Public Schools
• Kelloggsville Public Schools (Please partner with the Dock Ministry, in further supporting this District)
• Kentwood Public Schools
• Wyoming Public Schools

To hear from Santa about the heart of this ministry and why we ‘signed off’, please watch this amazing short Documentary-

As Santa signs off, the email will still be available until 12/23 for any questions you may have about serving the schools listed. It truly is as easy as gathering friends and family, purchasing supplies and bringing them to your school of choice, 1 week prior to school beginning.

We look forward to seeing what the Community will do together. After all, this ministry was SUCCESSFUL ONLY because of the generosity of all of YOU!! So don’t stop giving!

With a Grateful Heart,

Denise Kooiker