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Did you know?

  • 80% of the schools we serve have a reduce and free lunch percentage of 75% or higher.
  • We supported 42 local schools grades K-12, and more than 3,500 students.
  • 94% of teachers spend an average of $500 and more of their money on supplying classroom supplies.
  • School Supply Santa is a 501 (c)(3) non profit organization.
  • We are 100% volunteer based ministry.

Opportunities to pray

  • School Staff we serve as they navigate through daily challenges in their classrooms, while encouraging and establishing educational value for each child.
  • SSS to be part of the solution for bridging the gap for those in need.
  • Students can have clear minds to grow and thrive, to see their worth and purpose.
  • Pray against mental health challenges that clamor at students, that will bring healing to the body, mind and soul. 
  • SSS empowers bridge building between student and teacher.
  • Encouragement for our Board, Team Leads, and Volunteers while serving.
  • Those who are impacted by SSS, feel God’s love and joy!
  • Our hearts see with the eyes with love, and we bring joy and passion to serving. 
  • The hearts of those who give to SSS, know the impact of their generosity. 
  • Santa continues to bring joy and spread kindness!

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